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Charles Douros
Chuck Douros (Pictured)

Nashville, TN: On September 22, 2020, the National Safety Council named Chuck J. Douros, CSM, as a delegate member to its newest board. This is his second term of service with the National Safety Council’s Board of Directors. Members of the Delegate Committee serve for two years and meet at least twice annually to actively provide guidance to the NSC on safety and health issues and strategies.

Each year, the nominating committee presents a slate of delegates for final approval by the board chair. The committee then reviews the candidates for experience, interests, and industry representation and recommends a diverse delegate slate to help the council advance the mission based on current goals and needs for the next year's term.

"I'm quite excited to be selected once again, and to hold a seat at the table during such an important and unpredictable time in our industry. It’s going to be a busy year," said Douros.

In addition to his duties as a delegate committee member, Douros also holds two subcommittee positions with NSC: (1) Awards, and (2) Workplace. He is also a member of the Business & Industry Division at the Council, representing more than 20 major industries, providing members with resources to save lives from the workplace to anyplace. NSC board member and delegate committee co-chairperson, Travis Parsons adds, "We welcome all of our Delegate Committee members and have high expectations for some of the more noble challenges facing the council."

About Chuck Douros: Chuck Douros, CSM, joined BFC Solutions in July 2020 as corporate safety director. Chuck has dedicated 20 years to managing and directing the safety efforts of companies across most major industries, including manufacturing, CPG, service, construction, and agriculture. Mr. Douros works tirelessly in the safety and environmental arena. He formerly served as a small business owner, regional director of EHS, safety executive, and consultant. He has personally implemented safety performance and cultural improvement processes across many industries. Chuck is a Six Sigma green belt with extensive experience in Lean Manufacturing and agriculture, as well as a speaker and prolific writer in the safety industry. Chuck is a proud member of the National Safety Council and ASSP, and is an elected member of the NSC Board of Directors Delegate Committee. Chuck lives in Bowling Green Kentucky with his wife, Kim, and a blended family of seven children.

About National Safety Council: The National Safety Council is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to eliminate preventable deaths from the workplace to anyplace through leadership, research, education, and advocacy. Founded in 1913 and chartered by Congress, NSC advances this mission by partnering with businesses, government agencies, elected officials, and the public in areas where it can make the most impact.

About BFC Solutions: BFC Solutions is the largest 100% self-performing commercial preventative maintenance provider in the United States. Founded in 1961, BFC Solutions has rapidly grown to become the choice partner of over one-third of Fortune 500 firms. Since all work is self-performed, high-quality service is guaranteed for commercial HVAC filtration, refrigeration case cleaning, coil cleaning, data asset collection, and many related value added services. With an unparalleled national footprint, BFC Solutions completes over 525,000 service calls at over 130,000 sites across the United States each year. 

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