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The average grocery store’s net profit after taxes is 1%.

Local grocers can protect their slim profit margins and reduce their reactive maintenance through our planned preventative maintenance programs. Our trained technicians focus on maintaining your facilities so your grocery staff can provide your customers with excellent service.

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Proven Practices

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Filter Changes

Regular filter changes provide facilities across the U.S. with clean air. We customize filters to your units’ needs.


Coil Cleaning

Our technicians brush dirt off the coils and apply a hot water cleaning.



ReportLink™ provides centralized reporting for all noteworthy conditions our technicians discover as they inspect your location, allowing you to make informed decisions.


Asset Data Collection

Our technicians survey your equipment and provide you with the make, model, and serial number.


Gutter Cleaning

Clean gutters help prevent flooding and water damage. Our technician removes debris from the gutters and then pressure washes and vacuums them to achieve the highest level of cleanliness.


Refrigeration Case Cleaning

Our technicians remove dirt and debris from your refrigeration cases and provide the equipment with a deep cleaning. This includes walk-in evaporator cleaning to maximize energy efficiency.


Refrigerator & Freezer Temperature Audits

Our technicians review the temperature of your refrigerators and freezers and provide you with a report indicating which temperatures should be raised. Raising temperatures could provide millions of dollars in annual energy savings.


Sustainability Plans

We create customized sustainability plans that allow our partners to meet or exceed their sustainability goals.


Ancillary Services

We offer a wide variety of ancillary preventative maintenance services nationwide.


Return Air Vent Cleaning

Our technician cleans the vents inside your grocery stores with a brush that has an extended handle. Clean vents provide your building’s occupants with cleaner air and a more pleasant shopping experience overall.

Services in Action

As the largest preventative maintenance provider in the United States, BFC Solutions is the only national firm that self-performs all services, from filter changes to coil cleanings, data asset collection, and more. Our technicians make over 600,000 preventative maintenance trips per year, serving over one-third of Fortune 500 companies. We provide your facilities with unparalleled sustainability that creates a healthier environment and significant cost savings. BFC Solutions is the only one-stop solution for nationwide preventative maintenance and we’re here to keep your facilities running cleaner and greener.

Our Process

Our Nationwide Impact on Grocery Stores

A National Grocery Chain Realizes Incredible Savings

A national grocery partner experienced a 20% savings in reactive repair by implementing a preventative refrigeration case cleaning program. Their energy efficiency increased by a staggering 12%. Every $1 in energy savings increased sales by $59.

We are Industry Experts

BFC Solutions is the partner of choice in the Grocery store vertical.  We create tailored service programs for our partners in HVAC, refrigeration and other preventative maintenance solutions to keep their stores running inside and out.  We have brought on new services to help meet the changing needs of our operators and keep up with the changing landscape and needs of our customers.   

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