PleatLink® Filtration System for Clean & Healthy Air

Our patented PleatLink® filters eliminate 100% of cardboard waste. We fit 20 boxes worth of filters into a single bag, allowing us to reduce transportation emissions by 60%. The filters are designed to create a gasket-like seal that reduces air bypass so your equipment can run more efficiently.

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Refrigeration Case Cleaning for an Excellent Shopping Experience

For refrigeration case cleaning, technicians remove the bottom racking and pans to access the fan plenums. They vacuum the fan blades and case bottom and clear the drain trough. The fan plenum is raised to access the evaporator coil. Dust, dirt, and algae is washed off the coils. During reassembly, anything that requires maintenance is documented via ReportLink™.

Coil Cleaning to Optimize Your HVAC System Performance

Our technicians brush off the outer coil with a nylon brush with an option to apply a chemical cleaner. The technician washes the coil starting from inside out, counter to airflow, providing the best cleaning method to wash out any dust or dirt. The technician then reassembles the unit and documents anything broken or that requires maintenance.

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Asset Data Collection to Inform Your Decision-Making

Our trained technicians will inspect all the equipment you have installed at each of your sites nationwide. Asset data collection determines the make, model, and serial number of all your equipment. We compile all this information into a report so that you have the information you need to make informed decisions about energy efficiency, maintenance, and repairs.

ReportLink™ is Your Facilities' Nationwide Eyes & Ears

With ReportLink™, our technicians identify and report site equipment issues or concerns at your nationwide locations. Issues commonly include frozen evaporator coils, broken belts, hail damage, roof damage, standing water, broken condensate drain lines, and other pertinent issues requiring further action. This information is relayed to you through ReportLink™ so issued can be addressed before they turn into costly repairs.

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Return Air Vent Cleaning

Your building's occupants notice dirty vents, particularly inside retail stores, restaurants, offices, and medical facilities. Lint and dirt can fall from your vents and make an unsightly mess inside your facility. Our technician ensures that the supply fan is turned on so that dirt, lint, and debris will be captured by the ductwork and moved into the filtration system. The vent is cleaned with a brush that has an extended handle. The floor and surrounding area is cleaned after the vent is cleaned. Clean vents provide your building’s occupants with cleaner air and a more pleasant experience overall.

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