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Our Goal

We strive to reduce waste, both in our workplace and in our products. In the workplace, we created dedicated recycling areas where employees can separate compostable waste and recycle. 

Our products are also sustainable. Our patented PleatLink® filters completely eliminate cardboard waste.


One case of standard box filters includes 20 cardboard boxes in comparison to just one bag of our patented PleatLink® filters.

Some benefits of using BFC are less cardboard waste, greater fuel efficiency, efficient installation process, and reduced disposal costs.

Making a difference through sustainable practices.

As a result of a popular request made by our employees, we eliminated the use of Styrofoam in our workplace kitchen. We also installed specialized wastebins that allow employees to separate rubbish, trash, and recycling.

Box Vs PL Stack 1
Box Vs PL Stack 1-1

Our PleatLink® system is focused on sustainability.

PleatLink® filters eliminate 100% of cardboard waste. It takes 20 cardboard boxes to transport one case of standard box filters, while PleatLink™ filters use just one bag for the same quantity.

PleatLink® filters reduce your waste stream.

PleatLink® filters are designed with sustainability in mind. Our zero-waste production process allows us to eliminate cardboard use. We utilize a reusable metal filter frame instead of a disposable cardboard frame. Our technicians can service more sites on a weekly basis because they can carry more filters at a time. It takes 20 cardboard boxes to transport one standard case of box filters, but it only takes a single bag for the same quantity of PleatLink® filters.


Sustainability with BFC


Reduction in Maintenance Waste


Reduction in Transportation Emissions


Reduction in Cardboard Waste


Reduction in Energy Consumption