Our Services

Service Performance Metrics and Quality Control

Our GPS and IVR system tracks all technician activities related to service calls at and between client sites

Our quality control inspectors audit PleatLink® installations, review customer/technician interactions and obtain manager level feedback

Technicians are accountable and are managed for the number and quality of site issues reported via ReportLink­® while performing PleatLink® service calls

GeoTab, our fleet tracking software, monitors technician’s driving habits to ensure safe driving

PleatLink® Filter System

  • We manufacture the patented, best-in-class PleatLink® air filter system and custom build the steel support frame in our production facility.
  • Our oversized media design means complete evaporator coil protection and elimination of air bypass, a huge benefit over traditional box filters.
  • With an innovative cardboard-free design, there is 100% reduction in cardboard waste and 60% reduction in transportation emissions, making the PleatLink® system one of the most environmentally friendly filters in the industry.
  • Pairing PleatLink® installation with our coil cleaning services helps extend the time needed between evaporator coil cleanings, adding even greater value to your preventive maintenance program.


Coil Cleaning

  • We provide coil cleaning services for evaporators, condensers, refrigeration racks, walk-in coolers and self-contained units.
  • Our coil cleaning program operates in compliance with EPA guidelines and the Clean Water Act that mandate the proper treatment and disposal of waste water.
  • Regular coil cleaning services reduce energy consumption and equipment breakdown, enhance the operating efficiency of your HVAC units, and improve indoor air quality.
  • Pair your coil cleaning services with our best-in-class air filtration installation to add greater value to your preventive maintenance program.

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ReportLink® Site Issue Reporting

  • While servicing customer locations, our trained service technicians identify and report any specific concerns present – such as frozen coils, broken belts, standing water on the roof, or other issues that could become costly repairs.
  • Documented information, including pictures, are relayed to the customer through our ReportLink® site issues notification program.
  • BFC Solutions has been recognized by our customers for the detailed scope of work and value provided by the ReportLink program.